Feeding Time - Limited Edition

Out NOW!
This is the limited edition blackflap version of this novel. It will be signed and beautiful. It will be one of only 500 in the world. Our Galley Buddies have already reserved their copies, but we have a few going spare. This is your chance to reserve and pre-order your copy. (The 'shop' paperback line will be available soon. That's lovely too. Just not quite so flapalicious...)
Feeding Time, the debut novel by Paris-based writer Adam Biles, is a story about a rebellion in an old people’s home – or perhaps, more pertinently, about a rebellion of people who just happen to be old. The characters in Feeding Time are as funny, annoying, sharp, deranged, loving, and infinitely various as everyone else. They deserve dignity, and they know it – which makes it all the more imperative that something is done about the appalling conditions in Green Oaks. A story about the triumph of the human spirit told with verve and originality, to simply outline the plot of Feeding Time is to miss out on the strangeness, zest, and vigor of a deeply impressive debut. It is a triumph of the spirit – and a blast of rage against the dying of the light. 

“The first full-length work of fiction from Adam Biles:  Feeding Time… is a scintillating novel of ideas about an ageing world”  (The Guardian, Fiction Picks For 2016)
 “If Hemingway were around today, he’d be writing paragraphs like these.”  (Frédéric Beigbeder, Le Figaro, December 2015)
August 2016