About Galley Beggar

Galley beggar Press is a publishing company based in Norwich.

To read about our submissions policy, click here.  Please note, we only accept manuscripts by email.  

Meanwhile, our aim is to be an old fashioned publisher for the 21st Century.

Old fashioned because we believe in the beauty of books and the printed word, in the importance of nurturing authors and paying serious attention to editing, and in the vital importance of art as well as commerce.

21st Century, not just because that’s where we are, but because we also believe in the fantastic potential of ebooks to reach new audiences, to spread our writers’ precious words around the world and to revive and revitalise books that would otherwise either be out of print or lost on the backlist.

Galley Beggar Press is a company specifically set-up to act as a sponsor to writers who have struggled to either find or retain a publisher, and (most importantly) whose writing shows great ambition and literary merit. Our primary questions are not who someone is, or whether something is going to make it into the supermarkets. Rather, it’s whether this is an author we want, a novel we love. If the answer is yes on both counts – then, no matter how challenging a read the book is (or how obscure the author), we will set about bringing it to the widest possible public.

We want to produce beautiful books, and we want to be governed by the quality and verve of the writing we publish. We have faith in writers, we have faith in readers – and if we feel strongly enough about a book to want to share it, we hope and trust that others will want to read it.


As a small publisher, our costs are high, our profits are (as yet) non-existent. If we are to continue supporting fantastic art, the bottom line, is unfortunately, the bottom line. We need cash. Any donations you can give will be very gratefully received and ploughed back into bringing new talent into the world. 


That's why we have a donate button on this page. It's here in case you're feeling charitable. (We also like to have this button in case you've read a pirated copy of one of our books and want to be able to give something back in return for the pleasure it's given you…)



Information about how to submit your book to us can be found on the Submissions page.