Privacy etc.

Galley Beggar Press is an independent publishing company based in Norwich. Our address is:

Galley Beggar Press
37 Dover Street

Privacy and cookies

We handle people's personal details in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Data Protection 1998. We only collect personal details that are strictly necessary and we don't keep personal details longer than is necessary. Your personal details will never be used for marketing purposes, nor do we share personal information with third parties. We do have a MailChimp newsletter and we think you should subscribe to it - but we don't assume you want to do so. To subscribe you need to opt in, rather than the other way round.

The EU E-Privacy Directive 2009/136/EC (better known as the 'cookie law') requires us not to set cookies on your computer / device without your consent - unless the cookie is "strictly necessary" for the functioning of the website. This websites sets just one cookie; when you enter the website a 'has_js' is stored. This cookie tells our content management system whether or not your web browser has JavaScript enabled and is automatically deleted when you close your browser. This cookie is very much necessary and it doesn't store any personal information (not even your IP address and/or information about your web browser).

To comply with the cookie law we don't use analytics software (i.e. Google Analytics) nor do we allow third parties to track visitors of this website. The server does log information every time you view a page on our website, including your IP address. We use a programme called Awstats to view the server's log files in aggregatted view, which means we can see how many people looked at a particular page without knowing which IP addresses looked at that page. Our web guru may look at the raw server logs to make sure the website functions properly.

For our Book Store we're currently using Paypal. When you make a payment (via the Paypal website) Paypal will set lots of cookies. According to its privacy policy these are used "to recognise you as a PayPal customer, customise the PayPal services, content and advertising, measure promotional effectiveness, collect information about your computer or other access device to mitigate risk, help prevent fraud and promote trust and safety." In other words, some of these cookies are used for marketing purposes and tracking. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

YouTube videos embedded on this website use its privacy-enhanced mode, which means YouTube won’t track you if you don't play a video (they will track you if you do play a video). External hyperlinks will link to encrypted (https) pages if possible.

Privacy tools

Many websites use cookies allowing third parties to track visitors. By tracking you on the world wide web advertisers can target you with so-called 'personalised advertisements'. For instance, if we would take part in this dubious practice we could store a cookie on your computer / device that tells advertisers that you are interested in books. When you visit another website you may then suddenly see lots of advertisements for books.

If you don't like the idea of anonymous marketing companies tracking you online your best option is to use a browser extension such as Ghostery (available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and even Internet Explorer). Firefox users may also want to try NoScript.

Another option is to block all 'third party' cookies by default. It are these cookies that allow marketeers to track you, and all major browser manufacturers give you the option to prevent such cookies from being set. Safari already does so by default, and Firefox is considering doing the same.