Become A Friend Of Galley Beggar Press


Four limited edition books. Party invites. And more...

If you’re on this website, it’s likely that you’re interested in Galley Beggar Press and independent publishing already – for which, thank you! We're hoping we can now persuade you to become more actively engaged with our publishing house – and play an essential, ongoing role in the production and promotion of a vibrant, eclectic, and risk-taking range of literature. Or maybe persuade you that the very best Christmas present you can buy for someone you love is a passkey to our world.

We're hoping that you'll want to join our subscription service partly to help ensure that we can maintain a sustainable business, long into the future, and keep on promoting superb authors and wonderful books to the very best of our ability. But also partly because we'll give you some top quality booty – and also well-deserved credit for helping in our mission.

For £50 a year, you will:

  • Limited edition ‘black-flap’ versions of each of our next four titles. 
  • Your name included in an acknowledgement and thanks in the back of those titles.
  • Any particularly book-wormish Buddies will also be welcome to advance proof copies of our 2016 titles, just as soon as they become available (editions that are, quite frequently, collectible in themselves.)
  • A 20% discount code for the purchase of any of our backlist titles.
  • Free ebook verisons of each of the four titles. 


As well as this, all friends and subscribers will receive:

  • Our monthly newsletter, occasional goodies and declarations of love, and invites to Galley Beggar events and book launches.
  • An invitation to our yearly London summer party.

To subscribe now, just hit the 'add to cart' button on this page, go through the store checkout. Afterwards, you'll receive a message from Galley Beggar Press - and we'll ask you to let us know about your preferred titles. And if you've bought this subscription as a present, we'll work with you to make sure the recepient gets a tailor-made delightful surprise at the time of your choosing.

Meanwhile, if £50 sounds like a bit of a financial stretch, but you're still interested in receiving some fantastic goodies, and in helping the cause of HARDCORE literary ficition and GORGEOUS prose, do please consider our £30 offer.

NB This offer is for people in the UK. But please get in touch if you live elsewhere and want to join in - we'll try to work something out according to postal costs to wherever you are.