The Weightless World

‘Raymond Ess is going to kill me.’ So begins The Weightless World – the latest discovery from Galley Beggar Press. This beautifully written debut held us entranced from that first sentence – and line-by-line, it is nothing short of delightful. It also helps that it has a fantastic premise:
Raymond Ess is fifty-six, a senior executive, an important man.  I’m twenty-eight, his personal assistant, not important at all.  We work for Resolute Aviation and we’ve come to India to buy an antigravity machine.
That's right. An anti-gravity machine. And it seems crazy – to the narrator, to the reader, possibly even to Ess himself. But the existence of such an instrument also makes perfect sense. Because after all, Ess,the narrator Steven (and we, the readers) live in a world where technology is so advanced that even our phones might as well operate by magic, for all that we understand them. We live in an age when things that would once have seemed miraculous are starting to seem mundane – even if they still, sometimes, bring with them profound implications... 
In The Weightless World, Anthony Trevelyan – a new, supremely talented voice in fiction – takes us right up to (and beyond) the limits of possibility. He also weaves a story of deep-rooted humanity, packed with unforgettable characters – and, at its core, an account of friendship, love and loss, which will touch your bleeding red heart.
Praise for The Weightless World

“This is a novel steeped in the heat and light of the subcontinent. And while it requires an initial suspension of disbelief, its themes are wholly serious… This strikingly original debut probes not just the implications of technology but human ties, too.” 
“A literary, speculative, to-hell-with-pigeonholes piece of fiction, The Weightless World blends reality with a fantastical premise. … Galley Beggar Press is fast becoming a hallmark of great literary taste. Their back catalogue shimmers with glorious finds such as Randall, A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing, The White Goddess and Everlasting Lane. The Weightless World is a stylish addition to the canon.” (J.J. Marsh, Book Muse)
“The writing is wonderful, Steven’s voice exquisite… I wouldn’t be surprised to see this book at the very least on shortlists. … I know I’ll go back and read it again, delight in the story, the characters, the writing – it is, I think, that good.  It carries a certain sense of – how should I say it – gravity.” (Van Is Reading)
“Engaging, funny and imaginative… The Weightless World is a fine debut, a well-aimed satire that manages to be equally enjoyable and thought-provoking.” (Thom Cuell, Workshy Fop)
“A brisk comic tragedy, the adventure undertaken by the narrator and his boss Ess leads to a surprising, contemplative and ultimately touching ending.” (Lonesome Reader
“The backdrop of India is beautifully evoked, with its heat, colour, economic contrasts and the duplicity of the multi-national business community… Taut and captivating, this is a fabulous read.” (Jackie Law, Never Imitate)
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June 2015